Flame and Frost Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 1 Episode 1 “Flame and Frost”.

Total Achievements: 27 – 185AP

Flame and Frost Mastery

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 12 eligible achievements. The rewards are 10AP, a Fused Shoulders box and a Fused Gear exotic accessory with Sentinel stats. (Lion’s Memory rare collection unlocked as well)

NOTE: If you are looking only for the eligible achievements for this mastery achievement and not interested in getting them all, I will mark them on this guide with a Star ⭐ next to its name.

Besides the collection, this exotic trinket can be used to obtain an exclusive skin through the Mystic Forge with the following recipe:

    • 1
    • 5
    • 5
    • 10

NOTE: If you destroyed the trinket you can buy a new copy from Sarettokk at The Undermarket – [&BCgEAAA=] in Lion’s Arch.

Story Completion Achievements

Rox: Critical Mission – 1AP
Story Instance: The Command Core

Witness Rox’s meeting with Rytlock.

Braham: Help from the Legions – 1AP
Story Instance: Blood Legion Quarters

Witness Braham’s encounter with Rytlock.

Rox – The Hatchery – 1AP
Story Instance: North Nolan Hatchery

Help Rox defend the hatchery.

New Friends, New Enemies – 1AP

Complete the story step “New Friends, New Enemies”

Braham – Eirsson – 1AP
Story Instance: Knut Whitebear Loft

Witness Braham’s meeting with Knut Whitebear.

Braham – Retake Cragstead – 1AP
Story Instance: The Battle for Cragstead

Help Braham retake Cragstead.

The Battle for Cragstead – 1AP

Complete the story step “The Battle for Cragstead”

Hero’s Aid – 10AP

Successfully complete all of the Rox and Braham Living Story instances.

Alliance Investigation – 1AP

Complete the story step “Alliance Investigation”

Rage Against the War Machine – 10AP
Story Instance: Molten Furnace

Destroy the Molten Alliance weapons facility in Diessa Plateau. (Complete the dungeon)

Molten Furnace – 1AP

Complete the story step “Molten Furnace”

Avenger of the Dispossessed – 10AP

Followed up with Rox and Braham. Talk with Braham at Hoelbrak and with Rox at Black Citadel.

A Rallying Flame – 10AP

Commemorate the completion of the Flame and Frost story by celebrating with your new allies in Hoelbrak. Head to Hoelbrak and interact with the Bonfire.

A Quiet Celebration – 1AP ⭐
Complete the story step “A Quiet Celebration”

Story Instance Achievements

Molten Memorial – 5AP

Find Hidden keepsakes from the fallen in the Molten Furnace and return them to friends and relatives.

  • Crumpled Pages

  • Torn Letter

  • Crude Drawing

  • Delivered Crumpled Pages – Ruins of Rin Waypoint – [&BKwDAAA=]

  • Delivered Torn Letter – Wolf Waypoint – [&BIoDAAA=]

  • Delivered Crude Drawing – Eastern Ward Waypoint – [&BDEEAAA=]

Ready Ore Not – 5AP

Inside the Molten Furnace story instance, find all of the hidden mining nodes. You can’t get them after the instance is finished so try to keep doing them in order and if you missed one you can replay the instance using the checkpoints. Check the map below:

NOTE: The ore #9 is the only one not in the same order that you progress the instance, be aware.

Investigative Study 1 – 1AP

During the Flame and Frost storyline, find and read sources of information on the Molten Alliance.

  • Letter from Knut (The Command Core)

  • Field Report from the Ash Legion (The Command Core)

  • Inter from Crecia (The Command Core)

  • Bloodstainer Letter (Cragstead)

  • Gigarg’s Armor (Molten Furnace)

  • Rodion’s Blood Transfusion Results (Molten Furnace)

  • Torn Page from Kostya’s Lab Journal (Molten Furnace)

  • Bloodied Journal Entry (Molten Furnace)

Map Achievements

The Gathering Storm – 5AP

Kill 150 invaders. You can progress this achievement by killing Molten Alliance enemies in open world events or inside the story instances.

Refugee Volunteer – 4AP

Assist the refugees 75 times. For this achievement you can do different tasks to assist the refugees at Diessa Plateau or Wayfarer Foothills, like repair signposts, light campfires, participate in events against the Molter Alliance, and revive refugees.

Against the Alliance – 5AP

Stabilize Diessa Plateau against the Molten Alliance by completing events (20) and returning audio logs to Agent Brandubh. Molten Alliance events award extra progress.

NOTE: At the time this guide was made, the flame legion and dredge events were bugged, you can progress with normal events anyway.

You can also salvage “Sonic Periscope Wreckage” to obtain audio logs for Agent Brandubh to earn extra progress.

Against the Alliance 2 – 5AP

Same as above but a total of 30 events are needed.

Guiding Sign – 1AP

Help guide refugees in Diessa Plateau by rebuilding 3 signposts along the road to the Black Citadel.

Secret Contact – 15AP

Use the Order Cryptotranslator to decrypt 12 dead drops. The first 6 will be part of the progress of the “Alliance Investigation” story step and you will receive a mail from Agent Brandubh with the locations at Diessa Plateu. You will actualy get green circles on the map showing where to find them.

However for the other 6, talk again with Agent Brandubh and select the dialogue option “I lost the location list”, now you will receive a new mail with detailed locations at Wayfarer Foothills (you won’t get the green circles) so go there and start looking for them.

Lost and Found – 3AP

Return 6 belongings to refugees. For this achievement you can find objects in Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau that must be returned to specific refugees in the camps at Hoelbrak and The Black Citadel.

They will show as Snow-Covered Objects in Wayfarer Foothills, and as Dirt-Covered Objects in Diessa Plateau. Once you interact with them will receive a random item that you must deliver to an specific refugee.

  • Snow-Covered Object
    • Refugee’s Goblet
      • Deliver to Refugee Kirk in Hoelbrak
    • Refugee’s Compass
      • Deliver to Refugee Cravia in Hoelbrak
    • Refugee’s Ship in a Bottle
      • Deliver to Refugee Biron in Hoelbrak
  • Dirt-Covered Object
    • Refugee’s Wooden Soldier
      • Deliver to Refugee Malia in Black Citadel
    • Refugee’s Sword Belt
      • Deliver to Refugee Lawta in Black Citadel
    • Refugee’s Logbook
      • Deliver to Refugee Barcas in Black Citadel

The locations of the items may be different depending on the megaserver instance or even change daily, so here you can see a map with some possible locations:

Alliance Breaker – 75AP

Complete the following achievements for Flame and Frost:

  • Refugee Volunteer
  • Lost and Found
  • The Gathering Storm
  • Secret Contact
  • Avenger of the Dispossessed

Extra Achievements

Fractal Recursion: Molten Furnace – 3AP

After completing the story, complete the Molten Furnace fractal in any scale difficulty, if you need to know more, check the guide here:


Fractal Recursion: Molten Boss – 3AP

After completing the story, complete the Molten Boss fractal in any scale difficulty, if you need to know more, check the guide here:



  1. As smal hint, Secret Contact Part 2. If you made the Achievment in 2013 the Agent send you the letter with the locations , but there are no dead drops.. Doing Part 1 of the Achievment (Diessa Plateu) is enough to get the points.

  2. Could you please add pictures where to find the refugees? Im struggling and wiki isnt helping either. Unless im doing it wrong..

    • There is two screenshots with the refugee camp locations, one at hoelbrak and one at black citadel, the refugees are there look their name

  3. can you replay the flame and frost episode after completion of the full episode as i missed 1 of the ore for the ready ore not achievement

  4. please fix the achievement order in the map path. Even better is having a single map with all targets on different colors per different achievement. So it will be much more easier to find everything walking only once, instead of walking 3 times.

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