Dragon’s End Achievements Guide

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Total achievements: 34 – 115AP – 14MP

Dragon’s End Mastery

This is the meta achievement for Dragon’s End, you need to complete 25 of 29 eligible achievements. The rewards are 20AP and a Water Dragon Cape – [&AgHGewEA]

The Battle for the Jade Sea Meta-Event

Since the Dragon’s End map is based around the meta-event, it is necessary to start the guide with a full explanation of how it works, detailing all the mechanics, phases and strategy to succeed in it.

Generally the map progresses over a 2-hour cycle in this order:

  • 1 hour – Pre-events strengthening the North, South, Central areas. You can get a lot of exploration done during this time because while many events will spawn, they are optional.
  • 40 minutes – Most of the map events will stop spawning and an escort will begin near the Xunlai Jade Quarry. Three different escorts must be completed to progress to the meta event and then a final event will happen when the escorts converge. If these are not completed in 40 minutes, the map resets back to the pre-events.
  • 20 minutes – The final boss battle with Soo-Won

Use the timer here to know when the Dragon’s End meta is happening. Generally you want to be on the map before “The Battle for the Jade Sea” starts to have a map prepared enough to finish it. Using the LFG can help to find an organized squad. Take some time before the “Battle for the Jade Sea” starts to finish events and gain buffs that will help for the final encounter.

NOTE: While this is an open-world event, it may require players to run group-oriented builds with boon support, such as might, alacrity, and quickness to improve everyone’s damage. You can check out organized group builds here if you want to have a higher chance of completing the event, but an Open World build from here will be fine as well. You don’t need to join a dedicated guild nor voice comms if you don’t wish, but for first timers it can help to teach them.

If you want to command a squad on the map, you can easily organize by setting a squad message asking players to organize themselves into subgroups by role during the pre-events, for example: DPS group 2, Alacrity group 3, Quickness group 4. This will make it much easier for you as the leader to know who provides what so you can create a proper 5 player compositions for each group.

IMPORTANT: During the pre-events phase you should actively participate in at least 5 events to earn Dragon’s End Contributor stacks, then you will earn 5 more stacks by doing the escort events. The goal is to reach the final boss phase with 10 of these stacks because they provide a boost to your damage and stats and you can exchange these stacks to open more reward chests when successfully defeating the boss.
Acquiring the Jade Tech Offensive/Defensive Protocols will also give you boons and stat boosts so stack their duration before the final fight begins.

The meta officially begins when the escort begins. Three teams will split off and players must escort them to the Harvest Complex. Navan will lead the east group, Captain Fa will lead the west group, and Caithe will lead the team down the center path. The center path is much faster so players can split up to the other sides after that escort finishes.

The last event in the escort happens when all the paths converge at the Harvest Complex. Here crystals will spawn and they must be used to contain the unstable dragon energies. The map must split up and bring crystallized magic of specific dragon minions to the corresponding crystals. Looking at the icons on the map will show you which correspond to which, or just know that the areas where you obtain that magic is always closest to that crystal. When one specific crystal is full, there is a minute to fill all the others or every crystal will lose progress. Try to redistribute your players according to the progress of each crystal so that they can be close to finishing at the same time.

The crystallized magic drops from killing void creatures nearby. Zhaitan’s minions will drop Risen magic, Jormag’s minions will drop Icebrood magic, etc. Bring those specific magics to the correct crystal before the timer runs out and it dissipates. You can also throw the magic up the ledge to another player instead of walking all the way around, but that kind of coordination is not necessary.

After completing this event, take the zip lines up to the top of the Harvest Temple. If for some reason you don’t have a jade bot, you could use mounts to reach the top. Also, if at any point in the encounter you die, immediately waypoint to the airship flying around the Harvest Temple.

Soo-Won Encounter

The final boss encounter can be organized into alternating sections where you will group up to fight Soo-Won on the main platform, and then she will be invulnerable while you must split up to survive and destroy void minions until Soo-Won returns to the main platform. The entire encounter can be organized as such:

  • 100%-80% Soo-Won Platform
  • Wisp/Crystal Phase
  • 80%-60% Soo-Won Platform
  • Mordremoth/Zhaitan Phase
  • 60%-40% Soo-Won Platform
  • Wisp/Crystal Phase
  • 40%-20% Soo-Won Platform
  • Kralk/Primordus/Jormag Phase
  • 20%-0% Soo-Won Platform

While fighting Soo-Won on her platform, you want to minimize downtime because DPS is important here. Stay alive by avoiding the mechanics, sticking together with the group, and pay attention to when Soo-Won’s tail or break bar appear.

During the Wisp/Crystal Phase, the map will split into players who go into the green circles to become wisps that climb back up the temple and players who remain to fend off the dragonvoid minions and prepare to hide behind the crystals for the giant wave attack.

The Dragon Phases will require players to collect aurene essence to destabilize Soo-Won, then split up to the nearby smaller platforms where the dragonvoid champions must be killed within 30 seconds of each other.

That is the entire fight, but the main issue is perfecting all of the phases mechanics to not lose time since the enrage timer of 20 minutes is very strict. See the full mechanics in more detail below.

Platform Mechanics

The following mechanics happen all throughout the fight with Soo-Won directly on her platform. They can stack up and become more difficult to avoid later on, so be ready for them.

Begin the Soo-Won encounter by grouping and buffing near her right arm. You will see a red outline of her hit box which is where you can deal damage to the boss. When she does the shockwave attack, move out from the center of the orange circle, then jump over the wave.

Soo-Won will periodically gain a break bar which will stop her from moving and doing other mechanics and allow you to deal more damage to her if it is broken. However, the red outline of her hitbox will change to in front of her so you must place your damage and CC near her head instead of at her arm.

A wide orange semi-circle in front of Soo-Won means she will swipe that area. Dodge or block this attack if you can but it isn’t too punishing.

A large orange indicator on the far side of the platform away from Soo-Won means the tail will slap it. This can usually be avoided by sticking to melee range, but in later phases it can become more hectic and you can get caught without any dodges.

Soo-Won’s tail will occasionally appear at the opposite side of the platform as her head. You can see the health bar appear in the event objectives to know when it occurs. While the tail is up she will gain significant damage reduction. If it appears, players should go and take it out only if the boss has plenty of health left until the next phase (every 20% health).

A large orange area on half of the platform indicates one of two things:

  • If there are no arrows pointing across it, then Soo-Won will rush across the platform, hitting players on that half of the platform and also switching the side she is on with her tail.
  • If the same animation occurs and there are arrows facing away from Soo-won, this means a wave is going to happen which will wipe players.

If there are arrows, move out of the orange area but stay on that side. If there are no arrows, move to the other side of the platform while also getting out of the orange area.

Void orbs will be thrown around the platform. Stay out of the circles created by them. You gain stacks of a debuff while standing in them. If you reach 10 stacks, you will become destabilized and lose control of your character, slipping around the platform.

Players may be encased in a bubble, unable to take any actions besides one. They can spam 1 to break themselves out or be broken out by allies damaging the bubbles. Also whirlpools will trap players and damage them slowly. With CC they can be saved from the whirlpools and the players who are trapped can spam the 1 button to gasp for air to keep them alive for longer. However, if you are trapped in a whirlpool and no one is coming to CC you out, its better to die sooner without struggling for air so you can respawn on the airship and glide back.

Phase Mechanics

The following mechanics will happen at specific thresholds of Soo-Won’s health when she is not directly fighting players.

At 80% and 40% Soo-Won leaves and green circles will appear. At least one player should stand in each circle and after a while they will be launched off the platform to the bottom of the Harvest Temple. The remaining players will need to fight off hordes of void creatures while avoiding waves. Focus the Thornhearts because they can throw orbs that CC players.

The players launched will be transformed into a wisp, only able to leap upwards using the spacebar or the 2 key. Their endurance bars will show how many jumps are left before running out. The endurance bar can be refilled by passing through the Wandering Memories that lead to the top of the Temple. Manage your jumps to reach the next Memory, using gravity to correct your trajectory if you overshoot them. Try to aim for catching a Memory only using 5 jumps so you can afford 2 correctional jumps. If you overshoot a Memory and have no jumps you will fall to the floor and need to start over.

Once wisped players get to the top of the Temple, they must use the 3 skill to return to their normal form and in doing so will create a crystal on the platform. A large wave attack will happen soon, and all players must hide behind the crystals to survive. If not enough players reach the top of the temple, the crystals will fail to protect players from the wave which will instantly wipe them.

At 60% and 20% Soo-Won will disengage again and many voidlings will spawn. These can be threatening but should not be focused. Instead players should look for Aurene Essences to pick up by walking over them. These look light blue and have a red hand icon above them.

Once enough essence has been picked up, players will gain a special action key skill that they must throw at Soo-Won. While circling the platform she can be hard to target so it is advised that you take target on her while collecting essences, then use the special action key skill repeatedly to proceed.

Soo-Won will then prepare a lethal wave attack that covers the entire platform. Use your special action key or just jump off the platform. At this time, the players must split up among smaller platforms with a void boss on them. At 60% there are 2 platforms and at 20% there are 3 platforms to spread out to. The bosses on each platform must be killed within 30 seconds of each other, so use the special action key and fly to another if yours is too far ahead.

The event isn’t that hard, but since it is at the end of a 2-hour map progression, it might take a while to get used to the mechanics but highest priority is always focus on the CC bar, so make sure to use a nearby “United Legions Waystation” always when you can (if you have the mastery) to obtain the “Electromagical Pulse” skill.

Here you can see a successful run of the meta-event with a pug:

Eligible Achievements

There are a total of 29 eligible achievements but due to the nature of the map it is necessary to categorize them in five sections by when each one of them can be obtained. The achievements grouped inside General have no limitations and can be done at any time while the others are grouped inside a specific window of time depending on meta-event progression.


Can be done at any phase of the map (except one shrine requires post-meta)

Dive Bar – 1AP

Complete a dive near the Green Grotto in Dragon’s End.

Head to the waterfalls with the Hero Point above The Green Grotto – [&BBMNAAA=] to find the diving goggles, then simply jump into the water after putting them on.

Raptor Ride: Chantry of the Crab – 3AP – 1MP

Ride a raptor from Chantry of the Crab to the top of Kaolai Tower in under 1 minute without dismounting or teleporting.

Use your raptor at Chantry of the Crab – [&BCMNAAA=] and head north towards the vista at Kaolai Tower – [&BBwNAAA=] if you need check the video below to see how to do it.

Springer Ride: Kuan Jun Pavilion – 3AP – 1MP

Ride a springer from Kuan Jun Pavilion to the top of the Xunlai Jade Museum in under 1 minute without dismounting or teleporting.

Use your springer at Kuan Jun Pavilion – [&BFwNAAA=] and head south towards Xunlai Jade Museum – [&BDMNAAA=] if you need check the video below to see how to do it.

A Strange Diet – 3AP – 1MP

Feed the hungry newborn turtle.

Behind the Juno Hatchery building – [&BLUMAAA=] you can find a Newborn Siege Turtle Hatchling. For this achievement you need to feed them with 11 specific fish that you need to collect around Tyria. The order is not important but some of these fish are only obtainable at specific times based on the Day/Night cycle, you can check the timer here to know when each cycle happens.

  • Halibut
    • Location: Shiverpeak Mountains
    • Fishing Hole: Boreal Fish
    • Bait: Shrimplings
    • Time: Any
  • Unholy Mackerel
    • Location: Ruins of Orr
    • Fishing Hole: Shore Fish
    • Bait: Leeches
    • Time: Night
  • Slaughterfish
    • Location: Kryta
    • Fishing Hole: Lake Fish
    • Bait: Minnows
    • Time: Night
  • Goliath Grouper
    • Location: Maguuma Jungle
    • Fishing Hole: Saltwater Fish
    • Bait: Sardines
    • Time: Any
  • Muskellunge
    • Location: Ascalon
    • Fishing Hole: Lake Fish
    • Bait: Minnows
    • Time: Dusk/Dawn
  • Dandan
    • Location: Isles of Elona
    • Fishing Hole: Offshore Fish
    • Bait: Fish Eggs
    • Time: Night
  • Sailfish
    • Location: Seitung Province
    • Fishing Hole: Offshore Fish
    • Bait: Sardines
    • Time: Any
  • Swordfish
    • Location: New Kaineng City
    • Fishing Hole: Coastal Fish
    • Bait: Mackerel
    • Time: Day
  • Darksleeper
    • Location: The Echovald Wilds
    • Fishing Hole: Grotto Fish
    • Bait: Glow Worms
    • Time: Day
  • Chambered Nautilus
    • Location: Dragon’s End
    • Fishing Hole: Cavern Fish
    • Bait: Shrimplings
    • Time: Any
  • Dunkleosteus
    • Location: Ember Bay
    • Fishing Hole: Coastal Fish
    • Bait: Lava Beetles
    • Time: Any

Respects Paid – 1AP

Kneel at every shrine in Dragon’s End.

For this achievement you need to use the emote /kneel in front of 9 shrines around the map, check the locations below but be aware the last one is only available after a successful meta-event.

  • Shrine 1
    • At Shrine of the Serpent – [&BNgMAAA=]
  • Shrine 2
    • At Shrine to Hanuku – [&BMQMAAA=]
  • Shrine 3
    • At Chantry of the Crab – [&BCMNAAA=]
  • Shrine 4
    • At Temple of the Turtle – [&BNkMAAA=]
  • Shrine 5
    • At Shrine to Hanuku – [&BMQMAAA=]
  • Shrine 6
    • At Speakers Encampment – [&BLQMAAA=]
  • Shrine 7
    • At Guardian’s Perch – [&BKkMAAA=]
  • Shrine 8
    • At west of Emerald Bluff – [&BNcMAAA=] right on the Strike Mission icon
  • Shrine 9
    • At south-east of Jade Wind’s Respite – [&BJgMAAA=] around the area where Aurene and Soo-Won dialogue happens. Only accessible after successful meta-event.

Mysteries Deep Within – 1AP – 1MP

Defeat the creature at the end of the Trial of the Elders.

At Sanctuary of Ione – [&BEgNAAA=] interact with the Grate to access the mini-dungeon. There are a total of 8 rooms with waves of void enemies, and each time you complete one you will get a debuff. For the achievement you need to make it to the final room and defeat the elite boss.

Dead Play – 6AP

Play with all the shrine guardian infants in Dragon’s End at least once.

This achievement requires you to find 21 Shrine Guardian Infants, which you can find the guide for it below:



Can be done during the Pre-meta phase which lasts around 60 minutes.

Ready Up: Central – 5AP

Complete a total of 25 central meta preparation events. You need to participate in any event around the zone during the preparations phase.

Ready Up: North – 5AP

Complete a total of 25 northern meta preparation events. You need to participate in any event around the zone during the preparations phase.

Ready Up: South – 5AP

Complete a total of 25 southern meta preparation events. You need to participate in any event around the zone during the preparations phase.

Dragon’s End (Corporate) Culture: Xunlai Jade – 2AP

Participate in all events related to the Xunlai Jade Corporation.

  • Help Xunlai Jade prepare their jade shipment.
    • Occurs at Jade Quarry Waypoint – [&BKIMAAA=]
    • Can earn “Savior of the Supply Chain” achievement
    • Event Chain #1

  • Stop enemies from tainting the jade shipment.
    • Occurs at Jade Quarry Waypoint – [&BKIMAAA=]
    • Can earn “Sled Defender” achievement
    • Event Chain #2

  • Defeat the corrupted Jade Maw.
    • Occurs at Miner’s Folly – [&BPUMAAA=]
    • Can earn “Pocket Maw Crystals” achievement
    • Can earn “Catch Me If You Can” achievement

  • Eliminate the enraged kappa.
    • Occurs at northeast of Sanctuary of Ione – [&BEgNAAA=]
    • Interact with the crate to start

  • Escort Lau to Emerald Bluff.
    • Occurs at Frozen Sea Monastery – [&BIwMAAA=]
    • Event Chain #1

  • Extract jade core samples and deposit them for safekeeping.
    • Occurs at Emerald Bluff – [&BNcMAAA=]
    • Event Chain #2

Pocket Maw Crystals – 1AP

Throw 10 charged crystals at the Jade Maw during the event “Defeat the Void-corrupted Jade Maw” at Miner’s Folly – [&BPUMAAA=]

This event spawns at XX:05 minutes and XX:45 minutes of every hour except when the meta is occurring. This means that it spawns at the beginning of a map after the meta and right before the meta.

You must pick up crystals that drop on the ground by killing the mobs, then charge the crystals by standing in the area that the Jade Maw corrupts, then you must target the Maw and throw the crystal at it.

Catch Me If You Can – 1AP

Defeat the Jade Maw without getting struck by its tentacles. Take your time when doing the Jade Maw event described above. Kill the tentacles from afar before going closer to the event objectives.

Dragon’s End Culture: The Luxon Armada – 2AP

Participate in all events related to the Luxon armada.

  • Drive naga invaders and looters away from Kaolai Tower.
    • Occurs at Kaolai Tower – [&BBwNAAA=]
    • Can earn “Simpleminded” achievement

  • Defeat the summoned creature before it can escape.
    • Occurs at Shrine to Hanuku – [&BMQMAAA=]
    • Can earn “Not-So-Peaceful Shrine” achievement

  • Lead newly hatched turtles to the safety of the hatchery ponds.
    • Occurs at Juno Hatchery – [&BLUMAAA=]

  • Defeat the enemies attacking Juno Hatchery.
    • Occurs at Juno Hatchery – [&BLUMAAA=]

Simpleminded – 2AP – 1MP

Throw local treasures at naga looters 5 times.

During the event “Drive naga invaders and looters away from Kaolai Tower” grab treasures in the area and throw them into the enemy naga with a red mask icon a total of five times.

Not-So-Peaceful Shrine – 3AP – 1MP (Hidden)

Defeat each of the enemies that are summoned in the ritual at the shrine to Hanuku.

This achievement is related to the event called “Defeat the summoned creature before it can escape” that occurs at Shrine to Hanuku – [&BMQMAAA=] every 15 until the meta phase starts.

The event starts with a dialogue at the Speaker camp between Eunjoo and Yuma Silverpinion and they proceed to the shrine to start a summon ritual, a random champion will spawn that you must defeat to progress. However the achievement requires you to defeat 4 different champions and their spawn is totally random, so in order to get all of them you must repeat this event at least four times.

The 4 champions are:

  • Emberknight
  • Wallow
  • Kirin
  • Vinetooth

Hold Out – 3AP – 1MP

Keep the Jade Brotherhood and Speaker allies alive while fighting the fallen spirits.

Complete the event called “Help the petitioners prove themselves to the shrine guardian” without letting any ally NPC die. The event occurs at Guardian’s Perch – [&BKkMAAA=] around each 15 minutes.

Terror on the Jade Sea – 2AP

Participate in all shipwreck events.

  • Clear debris and look for survivors.
    • Occurs at Xinrae’s Wharf – [&BBgNAAA=]
    • Event Chain #1

  • Defend Sister Sangsa while she provides first aid.
    • Occurs at Xinrae’s Wharf – [&BBgNAAA=]
    • Event Chain #2

  • Escort Sangsa to the Harvest Temple.
    • Occurs at Xinrae’s Wharf – [&BBgNAAA=]
    • Can earn “Survivors” achievement
    • Event Chain #3

  • Protect the Harvest Temple.
    • Occurs at west of Frozen Sea Waypoint – [&BPEMAAA=]
    • Event Chain #4

Survivors – 3AP – 1MP

Keep all the shipwrecked crew alive while escorting them to safety.

During the third event of the chain “Escort Sangsa to Frozen Sea Monastery” don’t let any ally NPC die.


Can be done during the Escorts phase of the meta which has a time limit of 40 minutes.

Jade Sea Warfare – 6AP

Participate in all events related to the Dragon’s End meta-event. This can be completed by taking the west path with Captain Fa during one meta, the center Path with Caithe another, and then the east path with Navan in another, requiring you to complete the escort portion of the meta at least three times.

  • Central
    • Escort Caithe and her troops to the observatory.
      • Defeat the enemy to clear the area for Aurene.
  • West
    • Escort Captain Fa and his troops to the Jade Brotherhood outpost.
      • Quell the western corruption.
      • Defend the temple from the enemy ambush.
      • Reclaim the Jade Brotherhood outpost from the enemy.
      • Quell the Mordrem corruption.
      • Quell the Destroyer corruption.
  • East
    • Escort Navan and her troops to the Speakers outpost.
      • Quell the eastern corruption.
      • Defend the hatchery from the enemy ambush.
      • Reclaim the Speakers outpost from the enemy.
      • Quell the Risen corruption.
      • Quell the Icebrood corruption.
  • Central (after west and east are completed)
    • Quell the Branded corruption.
    • Use crystallized dragon magic to charge matching prismatic crystals.
  • Final Boss
    • Meet Aurene at the top of the Harvest Temple.
    • Defeat the dragon.

Fueled by Elder Dragons – 1AP – 1MP

Charge each Elder Dragon battery at least once. This occurs during the event that happens once all three escort paths have ended. You must bring essence dropped by the void creatures and interact with all six dragon crystals, it’s not necessary to do all of them at once you can progress the achievement during multiple meta-events.


These achievements can be done during the Boss Fight phase which has a time limit of 20 minutes.

Dragon Pacifier – 3AP – 1MP

Complete the Dragon’s End meta-event.

Shock-Wave Jumper – 1AP – 1MP

Jump over 10 shock waves from Soo-Won’s tail slam. Not necessary to do all of them at once, can progress the achievement during multiple meta-events.

The Floor Is Void – 1AP – 1MP

Avoid reaching 10 stacks of corruption and defeat Soo-Won. These stacks are gained by standing in the void areas on the ground. With all of the clutter in this fight, it can be hard to notice the void areas. Do not stand anywhere you can’t see your feet to ensure you can avoid these.

Untarnished Spirit – 3AP – 1MP

Make it back to your body without getting hit while in spirit form during the battle with Soo-Won. At 80% and 40% you must stand in one of the green circles and be turned into a wisp then make it to the top by collecting Wandering Memories and press the 3 button after reaching the top of the Harvest Temple.

Ultimate Dragon Champion – 3AP – 1MP

Defeat the enemy dragon champions summoned by Soo-Won. during the 60% and 20% phases. You could feasibly tag all of them in one run, but since other achievements require multiple attempts this isn’t suggested.

  • Champion Risen – 60%
  • Champion Mordrem – 60%
  • Champion Branded – 20%
  • Champion Destroyer – 20%
  • Champion Icebrood – 20%

Tsunami Dodger – 1AP

Avoid getting struck by Soo-Won’s full-sized tsunamis by standing behind the crystals 10 times. These happen twice per attempt, once at 80% and 40%. So you must attempt Soo-Won at least five times to complete this.


Can be done after succesful completion of the meta. Since the map closes 10-15 minutes after completing the meta and it is quite an ordeal to finish the meta, you should get as much done as possible.

The Last of Their Kind – 15AP

Listen to all of the exchanges between Aurene and Soo-Won in Dragon’s End.

Once the meta is done, from the main platform take the Ley-Line gliding energy and head towards Jade Wind’s Respite – [&BJgMAAA=] drop down all the way and listen to the dialogue between the dragons. You only can do this after a succesfull meta-event so you will need to complete it at least 5 times.

Tower Diver – 1AP

Dive into the mystery location using diving goggles somewhere in Dragon’s End.

After the meta is done, take the waypoint on the Airship and head to the diving googles on top of the floating rocks at north-east of the platform, then jump down all the way to land in the water bucket, check the following video to see how to do it:

You may also want to unlock the Arborstone achievement, Albax, the Unlucky which can only be done after a successful meta high atop the Saltspray Roost – [&BJAMAAA=]

Check more here: Arborstone Achievements Guide

Extra Achievements

Lighting Dragon’s End – 2AP

Transfer power to 57 jade lanterns at points of interest in Dragon’s End.

For this achievement you need to interact and power up (with Jade Charge) a total of 57 Jade Lanterns around Dragon’s End. Basically revisiting all the locations required for exploring the map.

NOTE: The Lanterns aren’t visible until you fully complete the map. If you still don’t see them after map completion you might need to relog.

NOTE: Lanterns that have aleady been lit can’t be interacted with again until the achievement is complete so you can’t waste charges.

NOTE: This achievement can be repeated in order to gain an extra Chest of the Jade Explorer which contains Lamplighter’s Badge.

Savior of the Supply Chain – 1AP

Help Quarrymaster Xiu meet all shipping targets in the Xunlai Jade Quarry.

During the event “Help Xunlai Jade prepare their jade shipment” at Jade Quarry Waypoint – [&BKIMAAA=] fill all three shipment before the Void energy reading is full.

Sled Defender – 5AP

Keep all 3 Xunlai Jade sleds from being completely contaminated by Void corruption.

During the event “Stop Void Corrupters from tainting the jade shipment” at Jade Quarry Waypoint – [&BKIMAAA=] prevent the void enemies to corrupt any sled, these enemies will be stopped with CC.

Weekly Dragon’s End Jade Treasure Recovery – 0AP

Defeat the final opponent in the Battle for the Jade Sea.

Complete The Battle for the Jade Sea meta-event one time per week. This will reward you a Jade Dragon Statuette.

Hero Points


Mastery Insights


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