Raid Legendary Armor Guide

GW2. A complete guide on how to get your Legendary Armor. The original version from Raids. Envoy Armor PvE.

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to make a full legendary armor set from PvE Raids is detailed here. Unlike the PvP or WvW stat selectable Legendary armor, the Raid Legendary Armor (Envoy Armor) offers unique morphing skins which makes it the most desired between the legendary armor options.

Credit to Vallun for the video.

Two achievement collections are necessary to earn the precursor set that will be upgraded to legendary (Refined to Perfected). You will automatically unlock the first collection once you complete a Raid encounter for the first time. Completing these collections will also give you the option to buy recipes to craft extra pieces of any weight in case you want to make all three sets.

Be aware that due to time-gated limitations, getting a full set of legendary armor from Raids can take a minimum of 6 weeks. This is because you need a total of 150 Legendary Insight and you can earn only a maximum of 25 per week (including Legendary Divinations). Maximizing your progress each week means completing every raid encounter each week which might not be feasible for someone new to raids.

(Once you completed your first set, extra sets of Envoy Armor will need 300 Legendary Insights, increasing the time-gated period up to 12 weeks.)

If you aren’t already experienced with Raids, I suggest you start reading the following guide which aims to prepare new players to raids. Then navigate to each specific Wing guide to understand the mechanics of every encounter.

New to Raids: Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2 Raids

Raids are not hard to get into compared to other MMOs. With no gear grind, all you need is to know the mechanics and have a good idea of your role in the composition. so please read the raid guides if attempting to join a group.

At first I will detail all the account bound or time-gated requirements that you will eventually need so you can be prepared to optimize your journey as efficiently as possible.

Then I will separate the process into 5 steps, the first two will show the achievement collections and the rest are for each gift that you will need to place in the Mystic Forge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The process described in this guide (Step 1 to 5) is to make SIX pieces of Envoy Armor set for the first time. Creating further pieces will require a similar process.

Account Bound Requirements

Before starting the process to make your legendary armor set, you need to know which things you can’t buy with gold so you can decide how you want to pace it.

These insights are the main time-gated component for the legendary armor. You earn these by completing Raid encounters every week. A total of 150 insights are needed and with the weekly cap of 25 it will take 6 weeks.

In reality you can get only 15 Legendary Insight per week from Wing 1 to 4 encounters and 10 Legendary Divinations from Wing 5 to 7, but you can exchange Divinations for Insights in the “Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative” NPC in Lion’s Arch Aerodrome.

(The exchange from Divination to Insight is unlimited, but from Insight to Divination has a maximum of 168 per account, keep this in mind for when you work on the Coalesence legendary ring)

Because the Legendary Insights will take the majority of the time required for getting the legendary armor from Raids, it’s best that you get settled in and understand the game mode to enjoy it. You don’t need to aim to get the maximum of 25 weekly if you are just starting, absorb all the knowledge that you can about all the encounters to have a better time and improve your experience.

  • Provisioner Tokens

Besides the Insights, you will need another time-gated currency called Provisioner Tokens. A total of 300 are needed to buy SIX Gifts of Craftsmanship required to make the legendary armor set. It can take around 10 days to get them all using time limited options. To know how to get them, check the following guide: Provisioner Token Guide.

One item required on the first collection (Step 1) is time-gated and will take 5 weeks to complete. The Spirit Weave needs five Spirit Thread which are obtained by defeating Gorseval (Wing 1). They will only drop once per weekly reset, so it’s important that you prioritize doing this boss while gathering Legendary Insights to optimize your journey. Be prepared and check the Spirit Vale Raid Guide in advance.

This item is required to complete achievements in the second collection (Step 2). It can be obtained from an armor profession master craftsman NPC (Tailor, Leatherworker, Armorsmith) in Lion’s Arch for 100 Crystalline Ingots. You can create these ingots with the following crafting recipe (level 500 crafting):

  • 100
    • 100 Crystalline Ore
      • Gathered from Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand (Machete needed)
    • 100 Fulgurite
      • 100 Obsidian Shard
      • 100 Bottle of Airship
      • 100 Pile of Auric Dust
      • 100 Ley Line Spark
    • 100 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • Can be purchased from Trading Post
    • 100 Amalgated Gemstone
      • Can be purchased from Trading Post

NOTE: It’s not a craft or a purchase option. As soon as you unlock the second collection (Step 2) the NPC will have a dialogue option to trade for the Crystalline Heart.

A total of 90 Mystic Clovers are needed, 15 for each piece. You can obtain these clovers from the following sources:

  • Mystic Clover
    • Mystic Forge (30% chance approx)
      • 10 Obsidian Shard
      • 10 Mystic Coin
      • 10 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • 10 Mystic Crystal (Purchased from Miyani)
    • Daily Login Reward (Day 28)
      • Chest of Legendary Crafting Materials (7 clovers)
    • BUY-4373 Fractal Vendor (2 per day)
      • 150 Fractal Relic
      • 1 Mystic Coin
      • 3 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • 2 Spirit Shards
    • WvW/PvP Reward Track
      • Repeatable: 2 clovers per container
      • Non-Repeatable: 7 or more clovers per container
        • Grothmar Valley Reward Track (9 clovers)
        • Bjora Marches Reward Track (11 clovers)
        • Drizzlewood Coast Reward Track (14 clovers)

NOTE: The repeatable achievements from “No Quarter” and “Jormag Rising” will award 2 Mystic Clovers each time it is fully completed (collecting Charr Commendations), it’s another option to consider if you prefer to grind in Drizzlewood Coast.

  • Other Requirements

The following items will also be needed during the process, keep in mind to avoid being stuck in one step.

  • Level 500 Crafting Discipline
  • 300 Spirit Shards
  • 300 Obsidian Shards
  • 6 Balls of Dark Energy
  • 30 Auric Ingots
  • 30 Reclaimed Metal Plates
  • 30 Chak Eggs
  • 1500 Airship Parts
  • 1500 Lumps of Aurillium
  • 1500 Ley Line Crystals

Step 1: Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor

This achievement collection requires you to collect 18 items and will award you with the first tier of the precursor, the Experimental Envoy Armor. Be aware that one item on this collection is time-gated and takes 5 weeks.

Guides: The Raid encounters from Wing 1, 2 and 3 will be necessary, so be sure to check the guides for them:

Chat Codes:

Light = [&CpIaAAA=][&CqgaAAA=][&CrEaAAA=][&CqIaAAA=][&CrIaAAA=][&CocaAAA=]

Medium = [&CoYaAAA=][&CooaAAA=][&CrcaAAA=][&CrYaAAA=][&Cq0aAAA=][&CogaAAA=]

Heavy = [&Co8aAAA=][&CowaAAA=][&CpsaAAA=][&CqQaAAA=][&CrgaAAA=][&CqwaAAA=]

  • Infused Living Crystal

Obtain a Living Crystal by defeating the earth elementals who are guarding the “Whitebear’s Pride II” Strongbox in Tangled Depths.

Start from Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint – [&BPUHAAA=] and head to Ley Flow – [&BNgHAAA=] take the mushroom and follow the path in the cave to the right side until you see the updrafts. Fly to reach the platform with 3 Veteran Earth Elementals, kill them to open the gate and proceed to fight the Earth Elementals guarding the Strongbox to collect the Living Crystal.

After defeating the Vale Guardian (Wing 1), approach and interact with any of the broken pillars around the platform (with the crystal in your inventory), the dialogue option “Capture the energy with your Living Crystal” will infuse the crystal.

  • Infused Soul Mirror

Obtain a Soul Mirror from Burnisher Kengo in Auric Basin. At the Northwatch Descent area of the map you can find the event “Protect Burnisher Kengo as she activates the mirrors around the Northwatch outpost” and after completion you can ask the NPC for the mirror. Head north from Northwatch Waypoint – [&BN0HAAA=]

Take the Soul Mirror to the lit ghost brazier at the end of the Spirit Woods to infuse it (interact with the brazier while the mirror is in your inventory). To do this, anyone in the squad can carry the torch to ignite the brazier. Check the achievement “Keep the Lights On” in the Spirit Vale Raid Guide for more information on this.

  • Auric Energy Crystal

Obtain an Energy Crystal by looting the chest after defeating the Vale Guardian (Wing 1).

Use the crystal to capture Auric energy from the Inner Chamber of Tarir, the Forgotten City. With the Energy Crystal in your inventory approach the center of the Inner Chamber near Glint’s Egg and the item will automatically upgrade. Start from Forgotten City Waypoint – [&BMYHAAA=] and jump down, take the path to the right to enter the Inner Chamber.

  • Spirit Weave (Time-Gated)

Obtain 5 Spirit Threads by defeating Gorseval (Wing 1). You can only earn one per week so be aware this will take 5 weeks.

Infuse them by killing a Chak Gerent during the “King of the Jungle” meta-event of Tangled Depths (Chak Gerent – [&BPUHAAA=], check the Timer). The threads need to be in your inventory and only one is infused per Gerent killed, however it is possible to infuse multiple threads in a single event by tagging multiple Gerents. The items will become Energized Spirit Threads and once you have 5 of them you can combine by double clicking to create the Spirit Weave.

  • Coagulated Ectoplasm

Combine 10 Ectoplasmic Residues which are randomly found inside “hidden chests” in the Spirit Vale, Salvation Pass and Stronghold of the Faithful Raid instances. (Wing 1, 2 and 3)

There are a total of 12 available chests, 4 per Raid instance, that can be looted once per week (most will even show up in a cleared instance). This can take more than a week depending on your luck and how many you attempt to gather because the drop rate is random.

NOTE: Opening all four chests inside Spirit Vale are required for the “Loot Finder” achievement, check the Wing 1 Raid Guide for more information on this.

NOTE: Two chests (Spirit Vale #3 and Stronghold of the Faithful #1) will only appear by doing the achievements “Keep the Lights On” and “Love is Bunny”.

  • Core of Flame

Obtain this item by defeating Sabetha the Saboteur (Wing 1).

  • Arcane Dust

Obtain Bloodstone Powder after defeating Matthias Gabrel (Wing 2).

Combine it (double click) with a Powdered Aurillium which you can obtain from the chest located at the end of the Sanctum Scramble adventure in Auric Basin. (completing the adventure isn’t necessary) to create the Arcane Dust. Start from Forgotten City Waypoint – [&BMYHAAA=] and jump down, take the path to the right to enter the Inner Chamber.

  • Mushroom Medley

Obtain a Noxious Mushroom Cap by defeating Slothasor (Wing 2).

Obtain Mushroom Emperor Gills which can be dropped by the Champion Mushroom Emperor in Tangled Depths. Start from Ogre Camp Waypoint – [&BMwHAAA=] and follow the path towards Order of Whispers Outpost – [&BBUIAAA=]

Combine both items with an Orrian Truffle and a Sawgill Mushroom (can be purchased on Trading Post) to create a Mushroom Medley.

  • Giant Beehive

To obtain this item you need to shoot down a Giant Beehive from high above in the trees near the southwest of Salvation Pass. There is a tree with wooden planks creating a path around it, leading to a mini jumping puzzle. Jump your way up until you reach the platform with a spirit standing on it. From there you should be able to spot the Giant Beehive and with a long range attack you can shoot it down. The beehive will fall and you can interact with it to gain the collectible item.

  • Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters

To obtain this item you need to defeat Matthias Gabrel (Wing 2) and walk into any of the four fountains in the temple. A dialogue option will appear to obtain the Vial.

NOTE: if you leave the instance you will not be able to obtain the item until you defeat Matthias again.

  • Spirit Quest Tonic

Combine the four previous items (double click):

  • Arcane Dust
  • Mushroom Medley
  • Giant Beehive
  • Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters

  • Bloodstone Fragment

Obtain this item by defeating Matthias Gabrel (Wing 2).

  • Bloodstone Battery (Charged)

Obtain a Bloodstone Battery by completing the Glenna Escort (Wing 3).

Head to Rata Novus Command Center – [&BNoHAAA=] in Tangled Depths and go to the second floor. Interact with the hexagonal device on the floor, walking near it will trigger a dialogue box allowing you to charge the battery. Check the images below for more references.

  • Soul of the Keep

Obtain a Stone Soul by defeating the Keep Construct (Wing 3).

Head to Tangled Depths and double click the Stone Soul while you are under the effect of Goop by standing in the AoE dropped by Veteran Chak Lobbers or projectiles by Chak Slingers.

  • Tormented Aurillium

Buy a Polished Aurillium from a Faction Provisioner. Check here the Provisioner Tokens Guide.

During the Twisted Castle (Wing 3) encounter, while the Polished Aurillium is on your inventory, navigate the castle until you reach 18 stacks of Madness to make the Tormented Aurillium.

  • Spirit Strings

Buy an Itzel Spirit Poison from an Itzel Mastery Vendor (you need the Itzel Language mastery) with 100 Airship Parts + 1 Gold.

Use the poison to gain its effect during the Keep Construct (Wing 3) to obtain the Spirit String after defeating the boss. As long as you have the effect when looting the Keep Construct reward chest you should get it.

There are Itzel Mastery Vendor NPCs in Verdant Brink and in Auric Basin, I prefer the Tarir location for convenience. Start from Forgotten City Waypoint – [&BMYHAAA=] and jump down the hole to the vaults.

  • Bloodstone-Infused Ectoplasm

Obtained from any of the three “hidden chests” inside the Twisted Castle (Wing 3). Can be done in a completed instance and the drop is guaranteed.

  • White Mantle Ritual Goblet

Obtain this item from the chest after defeating Xera (Wing 3).

NOTE: The Experimental Armor set obtained from this collection is not necessary for the final precursor. The armor type you choose won’t affect the precursor or which legendary armor type you get in the end. Later when you select the Refined armor set (which is the final precursor) you will need to pick the final armor type you want. Unlocking a Refined armor set will automatically unlock the Experimental of that set. Pick any you want here.

Step 2: Envoy Armor II: Refined Armor

This achievement collection requires you to collect 14 items and will award you with the final tier of the precursor, the Refined Envoy Armor.

Guides: The Raid encounters from Wing 4 will be necessary, so be sure to check the guide for them

Chat Codes:

Light = [&CrcbAAA=][&Cr8bAAA=][&CtcbAAA=][&CqobAAA=][&CrUbAAA=][&Cu4bAAA=]

Medium = [&CuUbAAA=][&CtMbAAA=][&CtAbAAA=][&CrsbAAA=][&CtgbAAA=][&CrobAAA=]

Heavy = [&CqMbAAA=][&CvEbAAA=][&CsUbAAA=][&CqAbAAA=][&CrAbAAA=][&CsYbAAA=]

Crystalline Heart

Interact with an armor profession master craftsman, Giita (Tailor), Hamil (Leatherworker) or Muireall (Armorsmith) in Lion’s Arch. (you don’t need to be skilled in that profession)

A dialogue option will be available, exchange 100 Crystalline Ingots for the Crystalline Heart.

NOTE: You need to activate it and perform activities while under the Crystalline Heart effect, BE AWARE that you will lose the effect when going downed or dying, so make sure to re-activate it after every attempt on the raid bosses and play safely during the fights.

Vine Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart in Tarir after completing the “Battle in Tarir” meta-event of Auric Basin (Octovine – [&BAIIAAA=], check the Timer).

NOTE: You need to participate in the meta to qualify and it will give you the item even if the event fails.

Burning Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart when the Volcanic fractal is completed (can be any difficulty level).

Frozen Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart when the Snowblind fractal is completed (can be any difficulty level).

Windy Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart after being “buffeted” by the Legendary Wyvern Patriarch in the Canopy over Pale Reaver Rally during the “Night and the Enemy” meta-event of Verdant Brink (Night Bosses – [&BAgIAAA=], check the Timer).

Get hit by the “Wing Buffet” skill and right after activate the Crystalline Heart, the attack is a wing flap that pushes you back with wind.

NOTE: Other Legendary Wyverns seem to work as well, but it’s safer to go for the Patriarch since not all Wyverns use a wing buffet.


Sodden Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart when the Aquatic Ruins fractal is completed (can be any difficulty level).

Ley-Infused Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart in the bottom-most rock underneath platform 5 during the Dragon’s Stand map meta-event (check Timer).

NOTE: If you can’t find a map doing the meta-event and you have a Skyscale, check out this video on how to break out of the map to access the south area.

Cultivated Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart at the flax node farm in The Great Tree. From Ogre Camp Waypoint – [&BMwHAAA=] go the cave entrance and take the left path to climb up the tree, keep going all the way up until you reach the area with the flax nodes.

Penitent Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart inside the Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) Raid instance. This can be done at the beginning before the first boss.

Jade Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart and defeat Cairn the Indomitable (Wing 4) without being hit by the Spatial Manipulation attack.

You can’t miss any green circle (or be in one that does not have enough players in it to match the size) or the cosmic levitation attack will hit you. You can’t be downed or defeated either. Play safe and use the special action key to move to a small green circle every time.

Protected Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart and defeat Mursaat Overseer (Wing 4) while having received the Protect effect.

You need to be in the protective bubble created by the “Protect” special action ability at any point during the encounter. Anyone in the group can use the skill. You can’t be downed or defeated either.

Tormented Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart before Samarog (Wing 4) and get hit by Rigom’s explosion to absorb his energy.

During the phase with Rigom and Guldhem (66% and 33%), Rigom will absorb all the damage dealt to Guldhem until he reaches 1% and triggers a large explosion, get hit by it to achieve this. The issue is that he is often in the spikes when this happens and you can’t be downed or defeated prior to this. No need to defeat Samarog. You can die after getting hit because the heart will be completed. Ask your party nicely if they can let you get this by delaying the push on Rigom.

Demonic Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart and defeat Deimos (Wing 4).

You can’t be downed or defeated and you need to attack the boss to receive credit.

Redeemed Heart

Use the Crystalline Heart and do the /kneel emote in front of the Tree of Solitude – [&BKUJAAA=] inside the Bastion of the Penitent (Wing 4) Raid instance. It can be done in a cleared instance.

NOTE: All other pieces of this collection must be obtained before this step.

NOTE: The Refined Envoy armor set obtained from this collection is the final precursor, make sure to select the weight that you desire from the chest. DO NOT attempt to change the stats of these ascended items or they won’t be precursors anymore.

Step 3: Gift of Prosperity

will need several fine crafting materials. You can gather them or just spend Gold to buy them from the Trading Post. You will need 100 T6, 250 T5, 50 T4, 50 T3 of each kind of the material needed and then craft each gift with a level 400 crafting discipline. Their recipes are obtained from Miyani at the Mystic Forge for 10 Gold each.

NOTE: The amount of materials listed are to make SIX Gift of Prosperity (one for each armor piece)

  • 6 Gift of Fangs
    • 600 Vicious Fang
    • 1500 Large Fang
    • 300 Sharp Fang
    • 300 Fang
  • 6 Gift of Scales
    • 600 Armored Scale
    • 1500 Large Scale
    • 300 Smooth Scale
    • 300 Scale
  • 6 Gift of Claws
    • 600 Vicious Claw
    • 1500 Large Claw
    • 300 Sharp Claw
    • 300 Claw
  • 6 Gift of Bones
    • 600 Ancient Bone
    • 1500 Large Bone
    • 300 Heavy Bone
    • 300 Bone
  • 6 Gift of Blood
    • 600 Vial of Powerful Blood
    • 1500 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 300 Vial of Thick Blood
    • 300 Vial of Blood
  • 6 Gift of Venom
    • 600 Powerful Venom Sac
    • 1500 Potent Venom Sac
    • 300 Full Venom Sac
    • 300 Venom Sac
  • 6 Gift of Totems
    • 600 Elaborate Totem
    • 1500 Intricate Totem
    • 300 Engraved Totem
    • 300 Totem
  • 6 Gift of Dust
    • 600 Pile of Crystalline Dust
    • 1500 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 300 Pile of Luminous Dust
    • 300 Pile of Radiant Dust

Next with all these gifts crafted, you have to combine them in the Mystic Forge into two:

  • 6 Gift of Condensed Might
    • 6 Gift of Fangs
    • 6 Gift of Scales
    • 6 Gift of Claws
    • 6 Gift of Bones
  • 6 Gift of Condensed Magic
    • 6 Gift of Blood
    • 6 Gift of Venom
    • 6 Gift of Totems
    • 6 Gift of Dust

Finally you have to combine again in the Mystic Forge these gifts recently created with Mystic Clovers and 6 Gifts of Craftsmanship which are purchased in Faction Provisioners with a total of 300 Provisioner Tokens.

  • 6 Gift of Prosperity
    • 6 Gift of Condensed Might
    • 6 Gift of Condensed Magic
    • 6 Gift of Craftsmanship
      • 300 Provisioner Tokens
    • 90 Mystic Clover

Step 4: Gift of Prowess

requires 150 Legendary Insights to create all SIX necessary gifts (each one requires 25 Legendary Insight). You need to purchase the Gift from Glenna in any of the raid wings using the following items:

  • 6 Gift of Prowess
    • 150 Legendary Insights
      • Obtained by completing Raid encounters
    • 6 Eldritch Scroll
      • Purchased from Miyani or any Mystic Forge Attendant for 50 Spirit Shards
    • 300 Obsidian Shard
      • Purchased or converted from various currencies
      • Acquired from PvP Reward Tracks and WvW Reward Tracks
      • Acquired from Chest of Legendary Crafting Materials login reward (Day 28)
    • 6 Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy (Requires level 500 crafting discipline)
      • Ball of Dark Energy (Chance from salvaging ascended gear)
      • 450 Stabilizing Matrix

Step 5: Gift of Dedication

is made with Heart of Thorns currencies. You will need map currency from Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths. Put the following items in the Mystic Forge:

  • 6 Gift of Dedication
    • 30 Auric Ingots
      • Dropped from Exalted Chests in Auric Basin
      • Dropped from Noxious Pods in Dragon’s Stand
      • Crafting level 400
        • 180 Pile of Auric Dust
        • 180 Auric Sliver
    • 30 Reclaimed Metal Plates
      • Daily drop from Verdant Brink: Hero’s Choice Chest (meta-event)
      • Salvaged from Reclaimed weapons (100% rate from rare weapons – found on the TP)
    • 30 Chak Eggs
      • Daily drop from Tangled Depths: Hero’s Choice Chest (meta-event)
      • Dropped from Crystalline Supply Caches
    • 6 Gift of the Pact
      • Purchased from Whispers Keeper NPC at Dragon’s Stand
        • 1500 Airship Parts (Verdant Brink map currency)
        • 1500 Lump of Aurillium (Auric Basin map currency)
        • 1500 Ley Line Crystals (Tangled Depths map currency)

Forge Time

Once you have the pieces that you want to upgrade, it’s time to use the Mystic Forge again, and this is the final combination to make it legendary:

  • Gift of Prosperity
  • Gift of Prowess
  • Gift of Dedication
  • Ascended Refined Envoy armor piece

Congratulations, now you have Legendary Armor.

Extra Envoy Armor Sets

Once you open the Chest of Refined Envoy Armor from the second collection, you will also unlock the recipes to craft extra precursor pieces. These recipes can be purchased from Armorsmiths, Leatherworkers and Tailors for 5 Gold each.

You will need the Envoy Insignia for each part which you can buy from Scholar Glenna inside any Raid instance (Wing 1 to 4) for 25 Legendary Insight + 5 Gold each. Considering you will need 6 for the set, this will increase the number of Legendary Insight to 300 per set.


I recommend if you want more details on some item acquisitions check out this LINK from the wiki. Also if you need more organization in following the craft progress by taking into consideration items that you might have before going shopping in the Trading Post, use the GW2Efficiency crafting tool.

If you need to know more about Raids, check out this guide:



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